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MASHBURN-Steve-latest-portraitI both love and loathe Ancestry.Com.

I love it for having so many primary sources and abstracts at my fingertips but I loathe it for the name collectors that pass data on without any attempt whatsoever to cite a source.

Of course, the argument has been that such “research” is good for “leads.” I use to think that also. Now, after spending weeks on checking such research only to find it was all wrong, I am not so sure. It appears that whatever “leads” I get at those commercial sites causes me more harm than good.

At the very least, Ancestry and the like should have oversight committees with the authority to remove the worst cases of genealogical malpractice.

After all. do lineages containing 210 year-old men, mothers giving birth at age 87, and granddaughters married to their grandfathers really help anyone?

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