Mashburn Genealogy Archives

The Mashburn Genealogy Archives consist of three web applications:

The Genealogical Database

Powered by The Next Generation of Genealogy, a dynamic, SQL/PHP database that contains our Mashburn research data. This data can be sorted and filtered to produce custom family trees and reports. PLEASE NOTE: The database is currently being revised.

The Historical Connections

Powered by WordPress, a blogging application that features narratives of people, places, and events in history that have a Mashburn connection.

The Facebook Group

Powered by Facebook, a social media platform. Topics include genealogy, history and family news and events. Open only to Mashburn family members, Steve Mashburn, Greg Mashburn and Danny Mashburn are the Facebook moderators.

The Mashburn Genealogy Archives is also affiliated with the following entities:

The Y-DNA Project

Unlike autosomal DNA, the male Y-DNA seldom mutates. Therefore, Y-DNA can be use to trace the Mashburn lineage back for centuries. Greg Mashburn is the project administrator.

The Georgia Genealogist

The MGA recommends Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt, a Certified Genealogist. She is our official genealogist for applying the Genealogical Proof Standards to resolve conflicting data.

Roster of Sonsors

The Mashburn Genealogy Archives is free but we still have expenses. Please consider making a donation. THANKS!

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